What is PHASED IN?

PHASED IN is a yearlong program run by Wyoming Youth for the purpose of raising youth into ministry. The program is for juniors and seniors in high school and takes place from August 2018 to August 2019, culminating with a 3-month internship where the Wyoming student is placed into the church ministry environment they feel called to.

During the year, PHASED IN students will meet with a mentor that they have chosen from their local community. Together, the mentor and student will work to grow the student in Christlike living and Christlike character. They will come up with ideas and opportunities to engage directly in ministry and Christian living within the specifics of their hometown, home church, and so on.

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Throughout a student’s PHASED IN year, they will be given leaders to shadow at Wyoming Youth events such as Camp and Convention. The purpose of this shadowing is to incorporate the student as directly as possible into the field of ministry they are called to. PHASED IN students will be given opportunities to lead from the front with performances and services such as spoken words, worship leading, sermons, prophecies, etc.

The culmination of the PHASED IN program is a summer-long internship directly alongside a minister who is ministering in the field the student is called to so that they can learn the skills they need for ministry. Students called to be senior pastors will spend their summer learning from senior pastors; youth called to be worship leaders will spend their summer learning from worship leaders; youth called to be missionaries will spend their summer overseas doing ministry with missionaries.

Juniors and Seniors in high school, mentors, and pastors all need to apply and be approved by Wyoming Youth to join PHASED IN.



“… teach them to obey everything I have commanded you, the way I showed you…” 

- Jesus

PHASED IN isn’t a program. It’s a programmed way of obeying the call to discipleship that Jesus clearly left. After 3 years with his disciples, living out an example of who God is and how they could relate to Him (because they knew how to relate to him), he told his disciples to do the same thing with more people—all the nations, in fact.

Imagine an alternate reality where Jesus called the disciples to be fishers of men, spent a week hyping them up with miracles and the word of God, died, resurrected from the dead and then told them to go into all the nations. 

Go back and read that again, slowly. 

The disciples would have had an amazing week of encountering God, and then gone back to fishing with a sense of depression that their everyday life wasn’t filled with the miracles Jesus spent that week telling them they were supposed to do. Jesus couldn’t have shown them how they could actually live his kind of life in one week.

Do adults not do this very thing to young people at camps every summer?

Do adults not do this very thing to young people at camps every summer?

We know there is great value in spending single weeks hyper-focusing on God. That’s why we have 2 weeks of camp open this summer. But the value of camp is not discipleship.

Moses did not pass on the leadership of Israel to Joshua after a 3-day retreat. Elijah did not leave Elisha his mantle after a weeklong training seminar. Paul did not leave Timothy in Ephesus after sending him through 4 years of Bible school. God’s model for leadership is exemplified in Jesus, who after 3 years of doing, helping his disciples do, and watching his disciples do God’s will, left them with the Holy Spirit to do even greater things than he did.

That’s why PHASED IN gives young people the opportunity to spend a year of their lives living in relationships intended to raise them from sheep to shepherds.