The PHASED IN Summer Internship

From May 2019-August 2019, PHASED IN students will be paired up with pastors in Wyoming and shipped off for the summer to intern in the ministry they feel called to.

Sorry, parents! We intend to connect your students with a pastor outside of your hometown so they have a brand-new experience under their belt.

Pastors who apply for PHASED IN have to provide the student with housing, transportation, and part-time work for the summer. Students don’t need to be driving a Porsche or living in a condo, but they also shouldn’t be given a horse to ride around Casper and a tent to pitch on the church lawn.

Over the course of the summer internship, the student and pastor should work through the following model of discipleship for ministerial skill development and experience:


  1. Leader does, student watches. 
  2. Leader does, student helps.
  3. Student does, leader helps.
  4. Student does, leader watches.


This means that everything the leader does is fair game for the student to do!

leader with student?.jpg

From vacuuming the sanctuary after service on Sundays to preaching the main sermon; from making photocopies of the music to leading a setlist; from cleaning up the nursery to leading kid’s church; if the leader does it, we expect the student will do it by the end of the summer.

That’s why we’re requiring pastors to provide part-time employment over the course of the summer. Many ministers in Wyoming and around the world have to pastor on the side of a full-time work commitment. What the leader does, the student does.

At the beginning of the internship, the pastor and student (and parents) will sit down to discuss the schedule for the summer. Students shouldn’t have to miss family vacations, weddings, or get-togethers just because they’re interning. And on the flip side, pastors shouldn’t have their interns bail on them if they committed to an outreach beforehand.

All in all, the summer internship is designed to give students hands-on experience in the field of ministry they are called to—and give pastors a protege to train into ministerial competency.