From sheep to shepherds

Are you a licensed minister serving in Wyoming?

We have a proposition for you.


We want to send a PHASED IN student to intern with you in your church for the summer.

We are accepting students who feel called (and/or want to learn the skills needed) to be senior pastors, youth pastors, children’s pastors, worship leaders, missionaries, and media personnel.

To qualify as an internship pastor, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be a credentialed minister
  • Be able to provide housing, transportation, and part-time work for the student over the summer
  • Commit to mentoring the student for the internship
  • Commit to letting the student do ministry
  • Be awesome (this one is a given!)

Sound easy?

We are asking that the internship church provide housing for the student for the summer. Whether this is an apartment adjacent to the church or with a host family (perhaps even your family), we need somewhere safe for the student to live for the summer.

On a case-by-case basis the student may choose to use their own (or their parents') vehicle for the duration of the summer; however, in the event that they cannot use their own vehicle, you would need to provide transport to and from their hometown, and a mode of transportation that is appropriate to your town for them to use over the summer.

Finally, we would like you to provide a part-time job for the student over the summer. This should not exceed 30 hours a week and should leave them enough time to work with you while learning how to balance work/ministry and give you an opportunity to teach them about Kingdom finances.

We will provide a more comprehensive explanation of summer provisions to pastors who are accepted to the program.

For the actual day-to-day work of the internship, we expect you to use this model of discipleship:


  1. Leader does, student watches. 
  2. Leader does, student helps.
  3. Student does, leader helps.
  4. Student does, leader watches.


You write a sermon, the student watches. You write a sermon, the student helps you. The student writes a sermon, you help. The student writes a sermon, you watch. This process is the model for all of the skills the student learns from you.

Leader does, student does.

Leader does, student does.

This means that the student isn’t helping you for the summer by just making photocopies and bringing you coffee. The student helps by literally doing the same work you are doing—or at least, they should be doing the same work as you (if at a novice level) by the end of the summer.

And this goes on for every element of ministry that you can think of—from conflict resolution to sin elimination to printing curriculum to coming up with ice-breakers.

If you want a young person to work alongside you for the summer, please fill out an application and send it to the Wyoming Youth office by April 1, 2019.

For more details about the summer internship, click here.

Please note we are only accepting 3-4 students for 2018-2019 and there may not be enough compatible students to send one to every minister that applies this year.


There's a PHASED IN student in my church!

PHASED IN students are explicitly told to participate and engage in their local church body. This means that you will inevitably deal with the repercussions of the actions and ideas of PHASED IN students. 

This is ideal because it allows your entire church to respond to and reciprocate the intentional growth of your PHASED IN student.

However, to manage this potential impact, we suggest that you prayerfully consider offering your student space in your church to develop alongside you and the whole body as their home base. If they are called to media, connect them with whoever is in charge of your sound, slides, and video. If they are called to lead worship, offer them opportunities to learn from your worship leader.

Yes, they are going to intern directly alongside a pastor in their field of ministry. But why wait for them to be “ready”? Jesus sent 72 disciples out to proclaim his kingdom long before he equipped them personally with the Holy Spirit. And they came back to him praising God because, at their word the lame walked, the blind saw, and demons left.

We suggest that you also pray about taking on direct a mentoring role. You may, in fact, be the person your PHASED IN student asks to mentor them.

Wyoming Network leadership (notably the DYD, Superintendent, and/or the PHASED IN coordinator) are willing to come to your church to publicly endorse the PHASED IN student(s) to your congregation. We want to do this to encourage your congregation to raise up more youth according to Christ’s instructions of discipleship. Students don’t have to be part of PHASED IN to be phased into ministry. Contact us here if you’d like for us to come present the student to your congregation.

We can also provide materials to help you disciple more students in your ministries according to students’ gifts and talents.

You have an incredible opportunity both in the PHASED IN student themselves and in the work they do to expand Christ’s Kingdom in your community. We hope you will take full advantage of it.