Someone asked me to mentor them for PHASED IN

From September 2018-May 2019, PHASED IN students will meet once a week with mentors of their choosing in order to develop their character in Christ and help them learn skills of ministry.

The mentor’s task in a student’s PHASED IN year is threefold

  1. Teach them who God is and how to turn their minds to him
  2. Train them in habits of righteousness (spiritual disciplines) 
  3. Give them weekly or monthly tasks that develop their ministerial skills

You will meet with the student once a week to keep them on-task and help them develop their image of God, practice habits of righteousness.

If you’ve never mentored anyone before, we have a plethora of resources to help you. On this website, we have generically awesome resources for you from Global Reach, but you can contact Wyoming Youth at any time for individualized resources.

The Mentor Guidelines effectively outline what we expect of mentors and give you some more ideas on how to proceed in mentoring PHASED IN students.